Sep 3, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Finally the first day of school for Mark and Isabella has arrived. After the buildup of the staggered entry days last week and meet the teacher days my kids were more than ready to start school. They were so excited to start school that the first kid arrived in my room at 5am and was promptly sent back to bed. I gave up at 6 when all three of them were up and dressed and begging me to take them to school.

The upside to having super early risers on the first day of school is that you're not rushed to get out the door. Which left for plenty of time for me to take pictures of the kids before we went to school.

I asked these little stinkers to smile and look at mommy. 

After a few attempts to take a nice picture of them together, I was on the verge of yelling. OK fine, I did yell a little since looking at a camera and smiling shouldn't be all that difficult. I'm convinced they know exactly what they're doing when they don't look at the camera-making mommy crazy. I decided to cut my losses and do individual pictures instead. 

My little goof ball. 

Finally my sweet girl emerges.

And then it was Mark's turn. Even when I relocated the little bugger, he still refused to smile. 

Brett met us at school and the kids were all smiles for daddy. It's official, they are traitors! 

Love that they color coordinated on accident. 

 After we dropped off Mark and Belly, Molly and I headed over to the new parent meeting. I'm going to pretend that it wasn't a complete waste of my time and not in any way a ploy to get parents to join the PTA. Molly loved the meeting since there was food. She happily ate a banana and 4 muffins while making silly faces at the Principal.

After that we headed to Molly's school for meet the teacher. Which was a complete waste of time since her teacher wasn't there. I then sat through another meeting about the importance of keeping sick kids at home and picking up your kid on time. This is when I decided sitting through parent meetings are boring but not nearly as bad as the back to school teacher meetings I was once subjected to.

Molly starts school on Thursday and she is also excited! I think she feels a little left out being the only kid not in school.  

And today there is no after school pick up for me since Isabella insisted on taking the bus home. I'm fine with that, I was in the carpool line for 25 minutes last week. And I got there at 3 when school let out since sitting in line before school got out just seemed silly. I am very thankful that I don't have to sit in that line everyday. And now I need to make our back to school celebration cake while the twins are playing quietly in their room.

How was your first morning sending the kids off to school?


  1. They look cute! I hope they have a great first day!

  2. Awww... they are too adorable. Hopefully, they'll continue to be early risers as the school year goes on.

  3. My son is often very serious in photos too. Cute either way.

  4. Kids are so funny in front of the camera sometimes! Looks like a great start to the first day of school.


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