Sep 17, 2013

I Auditioned For Blogger Idol

I am auditioning for Blogger Idol this year. This contest is similar to American Idol - anyone can audition and the judges pick the top 12 to compete. Once the judges pick their top 12 the weekly writing contest begins with one contestant getting voted off each week.

I want to win! There are some pretty cool prizes but let's be honest here, I want the bragging rights. Blogger Idol speaks to my competitive nature and I think it will be fun and stressful in a good way. If I win I plan to brag for a very long time.

There is still time for you to throw your hat in the ring and audition. They are accepting auditions through September 21st. And even if you don't audition, you can get in on the fun and vote each week. Follow Blogger Idol on Twitter and Facebook so you can be up to date on the contest.


  1. I might have to do this if I don't forget. Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. I'll definitely vote when it's open!


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