Sep 5, 2013

My Youngest Started Preschool and I Got Kicked Out of a Shoe Store Today

Today was Molly's first day of preschool. I think she's been waiting to start preschool ever since Mark started last November. She was bouncing around and asked repeatedly if it was time to go. Molly wasn't the only one who was excited about preschool starting today. I was pretty excited too since today for the first time in five and a half years, I got 2 whole hours to myself!

I left preschool with a few moms who were tearing up and sad leaving their babies behind. I managed to contain my excitement and only danced out of the school Ellen style in my head. No reason to make the other moms feel bad, they were already having a rough day. I had to go buy a new water filter so I headed to the store. On the way there I passed a shoe store, with a clearance sign out front. No kids? Shoe sale? Oh man this day just got better!!

Now here's the thing, turns out the shoes were on clearance for a reason. I couldn't get over the horrible shoes and I decided to try on a pair. Picture me in the store giggling uncontrollably over these hideous shoes.

Seriously, how amazing are these shoes? I don't know where to start. I mean they're high tops and that definitely deserves top billing but there is a lace like crochet look that cannot be ignored. Now picture the awesome polka dot tan you could get from these shoes. Are you laughing yet?

I decided to amuse myself and try on a few more pairs of horrible shoes.

Oh my!

Owls? What?

There are no words

There were many more horrible shoes were these came from, but I had attracted the attention of the salesman. Apparently it's frowned upon to take pictures of ugly shoes so you can include them in your blog post. He was not as amused as I was and asked me to leave if I had no intention of buying shoes. I found him so comical in that moment that I couldn't stop laughing. Finally, the mommy sheds a few tears on the first day of school.

I wonder if he knows that he made my day by kicking me out of the store?

I really enjoyed my 2 hours of kid free time today, perhaps a little too much. It went by in a flash but thankfully it will occur again every Tuesday and Thursday!

Now I have to know, would you ever wear any of these shoes? Perhaps I just have lost touch with fashion and I don't know a great pair of shoes on a clearance rack when I see one.


  1. My daughter says that things are on the sale rack because they are ugly and nobody wants them. In the case of these shoes, I'd say she is right on target! And I love the idea of "Ellen style" dancing in your head!

    1. Your daughter is right! The excitement yesterday on the second day of school was still as strong as the first day. And I did dance out of the school with the director laughing at me the whole time.

  2. That is hilarious! I would have burst out laughing too getting kicked out of that store. The only pair that I could imagine myself getting, just for the sole purpose of dry feet, were the owl shoes. Thanks for posting this!

    1. I get the owl shoes for dry feet now that I live in NC, but not the price tag. Originally they were $60!! That is way too much for me.

  3. Ha! Yes, some of those shoes are frightening.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your kid free time!

  4. Allison, I think you should ship me those lace high tops. They're like Sharknado...terrible, but I must have

    1. I finally watched Sharknado last week so I get the reference! Yea me, I usually don't get pop culture reference. But friends don't let friends wear crochet high tops!


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