Oct 29, 2013

No Healthy Halloween Over Here

I'm a huge proponent for eating healthy and giving your kids real food. We've done all kinds of healthy eating challenges like no processed foods or eating less meat. When it comes to Halloween I say go for it kids, eat tons of candy and have fun! Think back to when you were a kid and remember how amazing it was to go trick or treating and get tons of candy. As I said back in the day, it was rad!

2012's Candy Haul

The only goal when it comes to Halloween is to get the most candy possible. Or in my house growing up, get more candy than your siblings so you can lord it over them for weeks.


But now there is a movement among parents to make Halloween healthy. Pass out raisins, pretzels, or fruit instead of candy to trick or treaters is a big suggestion you can find on the healthy Halloween Pinterest ideas. Oh please, kids don't go trick or treating for fruit, they want candy. And don't even get me started with the homes that pass our pennies. Kids will learn to avoid your house like the plague.


So give the kids what they want this year for Halloween, candy. They can eat healthy later. And then make sure you get your share of their candy. In my house we call it the candy tax.


  1. I totally agree! Halloween is all about the candy (chocolate preferred, thanks) and we can eat kale chips and strawberries tomorrow. Or the next day. Or maybe the day after that when the candy runs out.

    1. OK you might think this is strange but I'm not a chocolate lover so I'm after the candy. Of course this year my kids got almost no candy and tons of chocolate. Oh well, it's keeping me healthier.


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