Nov 13, 2013

Another Parenting First

Another parenting first for this mommy. I got the phone call from school telling me that my daughter was throwing up at school and that I needed to come and get her. When I got to school she was in tears and crying hysterically over having to be "absent."

No joke y'all it was an Oscar winning performance that even drew the principal out of her office to see what was going on. I finally convinced her to leave and she cried the whole way home. Once we got home she changed into pjs and called her GrandPaul since he would make her feel better. I made her a bed on the couch and she was asleep 5 minutes later when I came back into the room.

My poor baby! I'm dreading her dramatics when she realizes that she can't go to Awanas tonight. It's the best night of the year since all the kids who reach a certain level get to throw a whip cream pie at one of their leaders. She has been working so hard and she qualified to throw the pie and now she has to miss it.

I just hate having a sick kid! There is nothing worse than a sick kid. No wait there is, three sick kids. Hopefully she'll keep her germs to herself.


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