Dec 6, 2013

Holiday Cards are Beauitiful and Stressfree with

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Cardstore. I received complimentary cards and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

This time of year is insanely busy! Regardless of the size of your family or if you are traveling for the holidays, this is just a busy time of year for everyone. But it is also a wonderful time of year to catch up with friends and family. Do you love getting Christmas cards this time of year? I love them! I love seeing a person's family and reading about their lives. And with Cardstore, you can own the top of the mantel this year with the perfect card!

I made this card at and it couldn't have been easier. I choose this design and then uploaded my pictures, which was not as easy of a task as your would think with 3 kids! Next I uploaded my contact list and I was done! No need to run to the post office to get stamps and mail them since Cardstore prints, labels, and ships the cards for you. How great is that? Now you don't even need to leave your computer to send out holiday cards.

I'm so happy that I have one thing on my to do list that was easy and is now done. My dad was here visiting for Thanksgiving and he saw our card on the top of our mantel. There won't be a surprising moment when he opens our card when it arrives but he loved it when he saw it. My dad said he loved getting to see both family pictures and individual pictures of the kids. He also loved my message that was on the card, short and simple as he put it.

Now my holiday cards are done and you can get yours done too. As long as you order by December 16th, Cardstore will have your cards delivered by Christmas Eve. But I think it's fine to get a card after Christmas and I do every year. Some years we get 3 or 4 after Christmas. One family sends out Happy New Year cards to me and it's fun too!

I know you're looking for a deal on cards. No worries, now through December 8th you can get 50% off all cards on Head on over and get your discount code and make your cards today!


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