Dec 20, 2013

Review Extravaganza July - September 2013

I'm linking up with Emmy Mom again to recap the year. It was harder than I thought it would be to recap January through June but I was able to pick my favorite posts from the months. And now here is a recap from July to September.


You Have Two Choices; You Can Laugh or Cry - My family and I took an ill fated trip to the zoo and we haven't been back yet. One day we'll brave the zoo again.

20 Date Night at Home Ideas - This is my all time most popular post. It makes me so happy knowing that other couples have a desire to date their spouse.


Why I'm Not Sad School is Starting - After seeing so many of my friends crying on Facebook over school starting, I felt compelled to write why I wasn't sad. My son is possibly transitioning to another program and the testing for that transition is starting in January. Rereading this post was a huge wake up call for how I'm reacting to this possible change. Thanks past Allison for schooling me.

Do You Let Your kids Be Themselves? - I let my kids dress themselves, for some reason that seems to bother people.

My Results from not Eating Processed Foods for a Month - I challenged myself to go a whole month without eating processed foods. I want to do it again, maybe in January.


Why I'd Never Get a Second Park Date - After moving across the country I joined some meet up groups trying to make friends. Most of them took place at the park and I finally figured out that this was the worst possible way for me to make friends.

A Few of My Quirks - I decided to let everyone know some of the things that make me the adorable little freak that I am.

I have no idea how I'm going to recap December since I realized when I looked back through my posts that I pretty much didn't blog this month. But I will accept that challenge soon!


  1. My only complaint is you didn't leave a link to your posts, I want to go back and read so many of them! I am going to search for the date night idea one, as yes always needing new ideas. For the months where I didn't blog as much, I always go through my pictures on my computer and that helps me remember what we did. :) So glad you are recapping with us

  2. I had to read your zoo story - what a bummer that it started down-pouring on you guys!
    I'm also definitely going to have to check out your 20 date ideas post!
    Going a whole month without eating processed foods is a great idea!

  3. What a great recap! I will have to go back and read your playgroup post. I still struggle to make other "mom" friends.


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