Feb 6, 2014

A girls’ night out with a difference – Bingo anyone?

When you have a good group of friends who you spend a lot of time with, it’s not always easy to come up with new ideas of things to do when you get together.

That’s why I was really quite surprised when one of my friends suggested we have a bingo night. Images of old ladies with blue rinses and their bingo dabbers in one hand and big handbags in the other sprung to mind and I thought maybe I’ll miss that one out. But then my friend told me the evening ‘out’ was actually going to be at her place and we were going to play bingo online with bgo, not trailing off to the local bingo hall.

So an evening out, when we were actually staying in playing a game I assumed I wouldn't play until I was retired! But I have to say, after my first trial run of playing bingo online, I’m quite a convert. For a start you don’t need to keep your eyes down to play when you play online. As the software takes care of marking off the numbers on your cards that means you’re free to chat with your friends as you play – either those in the room with you or other players who are online in the bingo chat rooms. There’s no stress in playing the online version of the game either. In the same way that the software marks all the numbers as they’re called, it also logs any wins for you automatically, so there’s no need to shout ‘bingo’ before anyone else. If you’re going to win, you’re going to win, and nothing will change that!

So it’s actually quite a good game to chill out with a few glasses of wine and your best mates. The bingo’s there in the background and you can catch up with each other while the games play through. The exciting part is that any one of you could be the winner and as you’re all playing the same game, you could be celebrating with your closest friends around you should you hit the jackpot.

Having a bingo night ‘out’ at one of your houses also means that it’s a cheaper night than you’d usually have, the games of bingo notwithstanding. Bingo has always been a game where the stakes are low, and that’s not changed since the game went online. In fact, many of the sites also offer free bingo games alongside the paid games on the schedule, so you can play for free when you feel like it.

Now that I've got my own bingo account with bgo.com I do play the odd game by myself now and then. It’s a great way to chill out for five minutes with a cup of coffee, or something to entertain me  on the way home from work. A few games of bingo make that boring commute fly by.

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