Mar 6, 2014

A Twin Bond

I wish I had a penny for everytime I'm asked if Mark and Molly are twins. I wouldn't be a rich woman but I'd never have to pay for Starbucks again with my constant inflow of pennies. As most mothers of multiples can tell you the conversation rarely ends once you tell the person that yes indeed your kids are twins. I've heard some things over the years that makes me wish I wasn't afraid of jail time so I could actually punch the person in the face.

But there is one comment that doesn't make me mad, but it does annoy me. I constantly hear from people about how they wouldn't want boy/girl twins since they don't have the twin bond.


I can assure you that my twins have a unique bond. All twins have an unique bond. What other relationship begins in the womb?
My favorite ultrasound picture, kissing twins!

I know that most studies only talk about the bonds of identical twins but that doesn't mean that fraternal twins don't have a bond. It just means that studies primarily focus on identical twins. I can only speak of my other boy/girl twin mama friends' experience. This is a blog, not a scientific journal. Here are some of the universal traits things we see in our boy/girl twins that show their bond.

Twins comfort each other
When one of our twins are upset or hurt, the other one goes over to see what is wrong and tries to comfort them. Ashley explained "when Jack gets upset, Jenny goes over and pats him on the back and says she will make him feel better." I love watching the genuine concern my twins express towards each other.

Mark trying to coax Molly out of her tantrum

Twins Beat Each Other Up
While our twins do like to comfort each other, they are very physical in their play. "My twins are so brutal with each other that I worried about how they would interact with other kids. But they only play that rough with each other"-Madelyn

I see that in my kids too. Mark and Molly are so rough with each other, but they are not rough with their older sister. I'm glad they're not rough with their older sister since she can't take it.

Twin Language
My twins speak their own language but it's not like most people think of when you say twin language. They are speaking English, but I don't understand them. More specifically, I don't understand what is so funny. I love listening to them talk in half sentences and crack each other up. It's like watching an old married couple interact. I've even asked Isabella if she knows why they're laughing but she is clueless as well.

Built in Playmate
"My twins are never lonely since they always have someone to play with. Although the flip side to that is that they also always have someone to fight with, but it's nice having a built in playmate. They don't want to play alone and prefer to be together" - Jackie

Yes always having someone to play with makes for a unique bond and life experience. My twins are terrible at playing alone but their older sister is great at it. I love that my son will play dolls with his sister just to make her happy.

They Need Each Other
My twins really suffer when their twin is not around. Mark sees many doctors and he's had a few medical procedures. Molly always worries about Mark more than we do. It really sweet seeing how much they rely on each other.

Please know that our twins have a wonderful and unique bond even though they are boy/girl twins. These are just a few of the many examples that parents see in their twins. While our twins are growing up we all hope that their bond stays strong and that they stay friends. I think all parents want that for their kids, twins or not. After your relationship with your sibling will be your longest one.


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