Apr 2, 2014

On the Importance of Hurrying

There are a thousands messages about the importance of slowing down. Just type it into Google and see page after page of articles that will pop up on the subject. If you inquire about hurrying up, you will find an abundance of articles of slowing down. Hmmmm, that doesn't seem to add up does it?

I get that the message needs to be out there. We overschedule our kids and ourselves and then complain about how busy we are all the time. We are missing out on so many important aspects of live because of our busyness. While the purpose of the articles on slowing down are to remind you to stop and enjoy the little things in life, they seem to be missing the mark.

They're supplying us with guilt, not inspiration. 

Lately my friends and I have been talking about this subject. What's amazing to me is the conversation is the same among my different groups of friends and we are all hearing the same message: we are bad moms for hurrying our kids along anytime of the day. Including when we are trying to get to school on time. We keep hearing that we need to slow down and enjoy the tiny flower our children love but that would make us late for school so we hurry up. Later the guilt of the slow down message sets in because we chose to be on time for school over looking at a flower.

I'm sorry but there is a time and place for hurry! 

I'm all for stopping to enjoy a sunset or going for a nature walk and exploring. But when we need to be somewhere that is not the time to take a nature walk from the front door to the car.

There are times in life when we have to hurry our kids along. One of the many things we need to teach our kids is how to be punctual. They will be fired from their jobs if they are always late. There is nothing wrong with teaching them from a young age that we need to get from point a to point b in a specific amount of time.

This is a perfect example of when a good thing becomes a bad thing. Very few of the articles talk about balance. They talk about how parents are missing the small moments and stressing out our kids. Or that one day we'll realize we missed their childhood. Perhaps if you're in a constant state of hurriedness, but most of us are not. The majority of parents are doing the best they can with their circumstances. Too much pressure is being put on parents to enjoy every single minute and be perfect.

I'd bet my last dollar that my grandmother and her friends never worried about telling their kids to hurry up.

We need balance. You can't constantly be in a hurry and you cannot constantly be in a state of slowness. You see it's perfectly fine to slow down and enjoy life. It is not perfectly fine to decide that you're never going to tell your child to hurry up ever again and be late for school everyday.

It's not about slowing down to the point that you can never hurry up. Find joy in the small and large moments in life and leave the guilt behind. Life is all about balance. The trick is finding the right balance for your family based on your needs and desires not based on what an article say you should be doing.



  1. Agree! Sometimes we hurry and there's nothing wrong with that. Yes you should slow down at times, but sometimes you need to MOVE IT.

    1. I find myself singing the move it move it song from Madagascar. It amuses me and annoys them so I feel like it's working.

  2. I agree that balance is everything. I think you should savor the important moments (and as a parent, we should know our kids well enough to know which moments those are), but you can't slow for everything. It's just how life is. In addition, to enjoying each moment with your child, you also want to teach the importance of being on time and prioritizing and making tough calls.

    1. Don't we all know someone who needs to go back in time and have their parents teach them the importance of being on time? I agree, we know what the important moments are with our kids. This week we are slowing down for Spring Break and it's been nice, but life will go back to normal.

  3. I love your point of view on this(and so many other things, too!). We were hurrying this morning, so as not to be late for school. We had to hurry yesterday afternoon to get through homework and get everyone to soccer practice on time.

    1. Thanks! The morning hurry is all too familiar in my house as well. It always seems like a good idea to stay in bed for 5 more minutes until it's 7:40 and we need to be out the door.


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