Apr 4, 2014

Weekly Roundup 4/4/13

There are so many blogs out there fighting for attention in the blogosphere. I read many blogs and each week there are a few that really stand out. Here are some that I loved this week. Head on over and check them out.

Things I Wish I Had Known: First Time Mothering is Hard. Jennifer over at Mommy Life After PhD wrote about what she wish she had known the first time she became a mother. I remember the loneliness all too well. It's a great read for first time moms who are struggling.

Things I've Said This Week at Multitasking Mumma is a great read. We've all been there when we've said something ridiculous and wondered why we said that. I say things to my kids all the time that shock me. For example, no you cannot put a penny up your nose. I learned that penny science experiments and the tub don't mix with kids this week.

Tricia with Raising Humans wrote a touching post called We Worry. Last night I was on the phone with the night nurse about my youngest daughter and by the end of the conversation I felt like a huge worry wart. But like Tricia wrote, we are parents so we worry.

Do You Make Your Bed Everyday by Dude Mom cracked me up. If you're feeling guilty about not being on top of your housework (me) this post is for you. The good news is that you're not alone. I hate making the bed! Why would anyone make the bed everyday? I do it once or twice a week to make my husband happy who has OCD and makes the bed at night when he comes home if I didn't do it. I know he's a freak of nature.

Janel writes at A Mom's Take and she has turned me into a rockstar in my kids eyes with her Grilled Mac And Cheese Recipe.  They loved lunch today and told me that I'm the best cook ever. That almost made up for turning up their noses at my chicken cataccorie that I spent two hours making on Sunday. Almost.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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