May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day is right around the corner and I've decided that this year I'm going to give myself a gift. I'm going to write this post filled with suggestions for my poor husband who stresses out over what to get me. I don't know why he stresses out so much, but he does. One year he gave me hands down the best gift I could ever get without any help from me at all! So honey, don't worry, I would love to open any (or all, I am a pretty OKish mom) of these presents on Mother's Day.

Now these Optimist Pessimist Set of 4 Wine Glasses just crack me up! I can imagine them bringing me joy for many months to come. I say months since wine glasses don't last long in my house. They have a tendency to break in the sink when my kids throw their dishes in there. I know we shouldn't put them in the sink, and I don't. I cannot speak for the other wine drinker in the house.

If ever a coffee mug screamed Allison, this is the CafePress World's Okayest Mom v. pink Mug - Standard Multi-color! My life is far from perfect. I don't even try being a perfect mother since I know I'll fail miserably. But being an OK mom, now that I excel at. Plus it's pink!

Spa Day! 

Let's face it you cannot go wrong with a spa treatment of any kind. Moms are tired and we have a terrible tendency to out ourselves last so some pampering is always a hit!

Now this is personal preference, but if I'm going to get some flowers, I want something that is potted and will continue to bloom. Last year I bought myself some flowers that bloomed until August. The flowers made me happy whenever I looked at them. I'm pretty sure flowers and girls go hand in hand.

Bread Maker

I've had this fantasy for a few months that I'm going to start baking bread. I know it's never going to happen unless I have a bread maker. The Cuisinart CBK-100 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker has good reviews so that it seems like a good one to try. There is still a great possibility that a bread maker will collect dust in my home after a month of me baking bread.

There you go Brett, some ideas for me for Mother's Day!

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