May 12, 2014

The Truth Behind My Mother's Day Pictures

I love Mother's Day since it's a time for me to get spoiled, what's not to love? When I look back at these pictures years from now I hope I'll remember the truth behind my Mother's Day pictures.

I may be smiling in this picture but I'm so exhausted I can hardly see straight. My oldest decided that we needed to spend more alone time together and between the hours between 3:30 and 5:30 so she threw up repeatedly. I felt much better once I drank my coffee. 

Our traditional Mother's Day picture before church. Everyone is looking and two kids are smiling so I'm scoring this one as a win. 

Isabella was too sick to go to Sunday School so she went into church with us. She had so much fun singing and coloring during service despite her fever.

My twins went gluten free recently and eating out is challenging. We went for barbecue and when Molly decided that she didn't like her sausage she proceeded to eat more than half my ribs. Ah the life of a mom, when you give up your food to make your children happy.

This cute little guy couldn't wait the extra 2 minutes for a spoon to eat his ice cream. I can't say I blame him, it is delicious!

After napping for 3 hours my sweet girl wanted some snuggles. Perfect moment to take a selfie, I don't get as many snuggles from her these days. She makes me heart hurt when she's sick.

Even though Isabella was sick she insisted that we go out to dinner as planned. She cried about how Macaroni Grill has gluten free pasta so we just had to go to dinner. While it was very sweet that she wanted to go through with the plan, she was absolutely miserable the entire time. 

Why hello friend, you were quite delicious. See that happy bowl of olive oil in the background? It's for their delicious, amazing, absolutely worth every single calorie bread, which we couldn't get since Mark and Molly can't have gluten. I wasn't up for that meltdown on Mother's Day. 

I call Mark my little sous chef. He loved watching the "cookers" make the food. That is until.....

........he scratched his face on the metal decoration on the top of the booth. He cried a little but thankfully the "cookers" distracted him. P.S. I've told my kid what feels like a million times that they are called chefs not cookers, it's not making an impact.

Despite a sick kid and plans for the day getting changed I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I love getting spoiled for the day and having my kids call me the queen. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day as well!

What was your favorite part of Mother's Day?


  1. I'm sorry your little one was sick on Mother's Day! I was all excited about my first and imagined that there would be hearts and rainbows all day, but then baby got sick so we spent most of the day stressing about whether or not she needed to go to the ER. Oh, the life of a parent!

    1. I laughed at my day a little since it's a little predictable that someone will get sick on Mother's Day. I'm sorry your little one was sick too.


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