Jun 23, 2014

Crest Pro Health Review

I don't know about you but I hate going to the dentist. It's the sounds that make me hate the dentist. I haven't had too many problems at the dentist but I still hate the sounds of the drill from the next room and from my teeth getting scraped. Of course my dentist always tells me to floss more which I never do. On my last visit, the dentist said if I wasn't going to floss more, at the very least I needed to use a mouth rinse. One of the brands that she recommended was Crest Pro Health. I received samples of the Crest Pro Health line in exchange for this review as a member of Smiley.com.

My daughter loves the dentist unlike her mama!

I've used the Crest Pro Health toothpaste in the past and I've always liked it. But I've never used the Pro Health Tarter Protection Rinse. After looking at the bottle of Crest Pro Health Tarter Protection Rinse, I understand why my dentist recommends it. The Pro Health line of products prevents plaque buildup and gingivitis while whitening your teeth and freshening breath. You can read more about the health benefits of Crest Pro Health and their other products on their website. While the health benefits are great, I need toothpaste and mouth rinse that tastes good if I'm going to use them.

Thankfully, Crest Pro Health has a great taste. Unlike other tarter protection rinses, the Pro Health doesn't burn your gums when you use it. One thing I've noticed since I started using the Pro Health rinse and toothpaste is that my teeth still have the smooth clean just from the dentist feel. Have you ever noticed that your teeth feel great after you leave the dentist's office but it doesn't last long? My appointment was over a month ago and my teeth still have that clean feeling.

I'm still not very good about flossing, but using mouth rinse has become part of my oral care routine. It's easy to do and next time I go to the dentist there will be less scraping noises to try and drown out with my headphones. Stay up to date with future promotions and products from Crest's Facebook page.


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