Jun 17, 2014

Why Having Kids Close Together in Age Sucks

A few weeks ago I wrote about why it's awesome having kids close in age. I love having my kids close in age since they are in similar stages of life and they play really well together. But there are drawbacks to having three kids 21 months apart. And there are some things that downright suck.

Someone is always sick in my house. Always. Or so it seems at least. My oldest tested positive for strep for the six times in seven months. Add in the ear infections and colds and it seems like someone is always sick. Once one kid is sick, it's only a matter of time before the other two are sick. That my friends is the life of parents with three young kids, they swap far too many germs not to pass along every illness that comes our way. It doesn't help that my twins are in two different preschools exposing us to even more germs than normal.

Oh the noise, noise, noise! Kids have 2 volume settings before the age of 8; off and Metallica. Even though my oldest is fast approaching the 8 year mark, I'm pretty sure she's a lost cause on being quiet. I'm told I'll miss the noise someday and I'm inclined to believe them but there is a small part of me that has doubts. My ears, my ears have doubts.

The phases go by too fast With my kids so close together in age it feels like I'm going through the phases of life too fast. It's hard to believe that I'm in my last year of having a preschooler. Didn't we just start the preschool years?? With my twins turning 5 soon I'm sad leaving the little kid life behind so quickly.

College I'm going to have three kids in college at the same time. And I thought having three kids in diapers was expensive.

Less one on one time My husband and I are very intentional about spending one on one time with each child. We schedule dates, it's really the only way to make it happen. My parents had the advantage of having us so far apart in age that they could easily spend one on one time with us.

Molly's favorite date spot is the park

Obnoxious Comments From the Peanut Gallery "Oh my you have your hands full" or my personal least favorite "I bet you wouldn't have waited longer if you knew you were going to have twins." For some reason people think it's appropriate to comment on your family size and spacing. It's not. Ever.

While the comments annoy me, I'm an adult and I understand that people are stupid and they don't realize that I see my children as a blessing. My kids however do not understand why people say rude things and they get upset when people are really nasty. I also wanted to hit a man who asked me why I didn't use birth control which prompted my 3 year old to ask "what's birth control." So again, it's not appropriate to comment on the size or spacing of a family. Ever.

Like anything in life there are positive and negative aspects. Having your children close in age is no different! My children are three blessings and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Are your kids close in age?

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  1. I agree with all of these! And another thing that sucks with having twins (I'm sure you can sympathize with this) is that they don't have milestones at the same time. Example: Twin A of Set 2 was highly upset that Twin B lost her first tooth before her.


    1. I've heard that loosing teeth is a hard milestone for twins. I'm not looking forward to that one when we get there.

  2. My kids are 2.5 years apart. But that wasn't by choice. I would've had them closer together if I could've. I also would've had them both 4 years earlier if I could've ;) I wish my kids were more evenly matched for playing, but they aren't :/
    Then again my sister and I are only 13 months apart and we never played well together and we argued ALL the time. Sometimes I think the personalities matter more than the age difference.

  3. My kids are also close in age. I thought it was smart so they could play with each other and I would be done with the kid phase for the most part by age 35, but it is expensive and they do tend to keep the house full of chatter. Great post! Thanks for linking up at #FTAF

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