Jun 2, 2014

Why Moms Need Summer

Summer is right around the corner and I couldn't be happier that it's almost here. I am so sick of packing lunches and dragging my son out of bed in the morning and getting to the bus stop by 7:40. Don't even get me started on the homework as we all know that I hate homework with a passion.
Soon it will be summer and I personally cannot wait. I know we won't be sleeping in and having long lazy days since I have the type of kids who need some structure to their day and a kid who can't sleep past 7. But we are going to have many unscheduled days where we can do anything our little hearts desire. I made a Summer Bucket List and I can't wait to start checking off the items.

I'm convinced that moms (and dads too) desperately need summer. I didn't understand this until my kids started school. I naively thought summer was just for the kids. But now my kids are older and I'm a little wiser and I get why parents need summer.

School gets old! Between the unbelievably early pick up time and helping with homework, I am ready for a break. Do you know how difficult it is to get three kids out the door on time without losing your patience? Oh sure at the beginning of the year I'm super organized and ready to roll the second the alarm goes off, but it's a different story 9 months later in May.

Extracurriculars Get Overwhelming My kids are only allowed to do 3 activities and school is one of them. Even with me limiting their activities, it gets overwhelming by the end of the year. Keeping my 4 year old twins quiet during their sister dance class is doable, but it's challenging. I'm ready for 3 dance free months.

No More School Clothes While we don't have to worry about following dress code yet, I do have a daughter who thinks she should wear a sundress when it's 22 degrees outside. Plus our school doesn't have a set PE day, it changes so they don't miss when there's a holiday or snow day. Great for the kids, terrible for the mom who needs to remember the ever changing PE day. During the summer wardrobe struggles disappear since this mom could care less if her kid wears yellow shorts with a pink and purple striped shirt.

Or a snow hat with shorts

Fun Days with the Kids Let's face it we all love summer since we get to cook and clean a little less and have more fun. I love going to the pool or the movies with my kids. Summer is when I get to be a kid again.

Summer Food I love that summer is the time of year when I can actually get my husband to cook more. No need to heat up the house when hubby can throw some corn and chicken on the grill. I also eat much healthier with more fruits and vegetables are in season.

Breaking the Rules Once summer hits there are many rules that moms can break. The kids can stay up a little later, lounge around in PJs until noon, or have ice cream for dinner. It's fun breaking the rules now and then and summer is the perfect time to do it.

We've actually already had ice cream for dinner once this spring.

So we can Truly Appreciate Teachers The way I feel about school right now is how I will feel about summer come August. There is nothing like a long summer to make parents appreciate the teachers that put up with their kids all year long.

I know that most parents view summer differently, are you looking forward to summer or sensing a little dread?


  1. I do love the summer. But I miss my quiet too. I do enjoy sleeping in and being able to do whatever. And I'm happy to take a break from homework.

    1. Yes to no more homework. With only two weeks left the teachers decided not to send anymore home for the year. I did a happy dance!!

  2. I agree!! I am ready for summer too. Even working full time, I am ready to not make sure his bookbag is ready & he can just relax at daycare!

    1. No book bags, homework, or permission slips...... it will be so great!

  3. This is exactly how I feel!

    This morning, I had to put my socks on two of my boys because who knows where theirs are anymore? (They do fit them, btw) I'm ready for them to just be able to toss on flip flops or run around in their barefeet. No lunches to pack, homework folders to sign, stress of getting out the door, busy night schedules. One more day left for my youngest, 6 more for the bigs. I'm ready!

    1. The stress of getting out the door is what I'm most looking forward to leaving behind this summer. We have 6 school days left too, which is really making me hate the snow days now!


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