Jul 23, 2014

Grilled Stuffed Peppers

Do you ever get sick or cooking or find yourself in a cooking rut that you cannot seem to find your way out? That was me for the whole month of June. It was difficult getting dinner on the table and cooking became a chore instead of something that I loved to do.

Something had to change right? Enter a grilling challenge!!!!

I decided to go a whole week without cooking, instead I was going to have my husband grill our dinner. The first week went so well that I decided to go for a second week. Halfway through the second week I went ahead and said this was our new month long challenge. My husband was actually very excited to do all the cooking since he loves manning the grill. Most men do, personally I don't get it but I will take it!

I've been very happy not cooking dinner and finding new grilling recipes. One problem with grilling all month is finding vegetarian recipes. I like to cook vegetarian a few times a week, and I wasn't about to give that up for the challenge. I went through my existing vegetarian recipes to see what I could modify for the grill. The first recipe I redid for the grill was my Zucchini Pasta. It was a huge hit with the family! I also made Grilled Veggie Tacos which is now a family favorite. We love these tacos and no one misses the meat!

I make Southwestern Studded Bell Peppers in the Crock Pot that I love. I was sure I could make them on the grill with a few tweaks. I changed out a few of the ingredients so they would taste different and also because I was out of black beans. Necessity is the greatest form of invention right?

Full disclosure - I didn't  make these for my kids. They were having a crabby afternoon and I wanted to have a peaceful dinner so we ate after they went to sleep. But experience tells me that 2 out of 3 kids would have approved of this dinner.

This was a quick and easy meal to pull together. It was a little zippy but light which makes it a perfect summer meal. Your grilling time may vary depending on the heat of your grill.

Grilled Stuffed Peppers
serves 5

5 small green bell peppers
1 cup uncooked rice
1 cup frozen corn
1 cup shredded cheese - your choice I like jack
1/2 cup minced onion
1/2 cup salsa
1 can chili beans
1 t cumin
1/2 t cayenne pepper
1/2 t salt

1. Cook the rice according to package directions. I used a rice cooker so I don't count this step as cooking.
2. Wash and dry the bell peppers. Slice the bell peppers in half from the top to bottom. Carefully remove the seeds and membranes.

3. After the rice is cooked preheat the grill to medium/high heat. You need indirect heat so turn on the outside burners and leave the inside burners off.
4. Pour the rice into a large bowl. Add beans, onions, salsa, seasonings, corn, and 1/2 cup of cheese. Mix thoroughly.
5. Scoop the rice mixture into each bell pepper, filling to the top.

6. Grill for 10 minutes on indirect heat.
7. Top the peppers with the remaining cheese and cook for an additional 4 minutes.

8. Remove from grill and enjoy!


  1. This sounds so good. I have made them with hamburger instead of the beans. I love your idea. I love the grill idea too. Thanks for the idea too. Rita Spratlen

    1. I've made them with meat too and they are very tasty that way.


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