Jul 28, 2014

Summer Bucket List Update

At the beginning of the summer I made a Summer Bucket List hoping that we would make many memories this summer without feeling the need to over schedule ourselves. There is nothing worse than realizing that school is going to start soon and you still haven't done any of the activities that you wanted to do during the summer.

Here was my Summer Bucket List.

With exactly 4 weeks of summer left, we have crossed off 17 items off our bucket list. Even if some of those activities were complete and utter fails, we did them. Well tried to do them anyway.

Summer Wins

Nature Trail Hike-no ticks this year!

I love Regal's Dollar Movie Days!

Pig Fest - The kids loved the pork pizza!

Molly caught the most fireflies in her jar

You didn't have a childhood if you never played in the sprinklers.

Beach day - it started rainy but it was a great day!

Love these sweeties!

Hands down the best part of our beach day was getting to eat at Cappriotti's. If you are in Wilmington, NC you have to go eat there! We had Cappriotti's in Las Vegas and I miss it. Their pastrami and turkey sandwiches are worth the 2 hour drive even if you're not going to the beach. My husband and I were extremely happy to have these delicious sandwiches at the end of our beach day. We're heading back to the beach in 2 weeks and I'm already dreaming of the pastrami. 

Summer Fails

Planting herbs was a disaster of epic proportions. It's clear to me that I am not designed to grow anything. I couldn't even get basil and rosemary to grow from seeds. It's very clear to me that if aliens exist and decide to attack I will starve to death once society breaks down.

Swim Lessons for Mark
The girls are doing amazing in swim lessons and Molly is completely fearless. She jumps off the side of the pool and swims independently to the side. Pretty impressive for a kid who wouldn't even put her head in the water last year. But Mark is terrified of the water and he has made no progress this year. I've decided to forgo lessons and teach him myself at a slower pace. I did teach swim lessons as a teenager and spent years on swim team so I can handle it.

Movie in the Park didn't happen. One week we were planning to go it was rained out. The next time we attempted it the kids were behaving terribly and I didn't want to reward their behavior so we skipped it. It's ok we've done many movies in the park in the past and I'm sure we will attend many in the future.

How are you doing with your summer bucket list?

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  1. Really cute pictures. Looks like everyone is having a great time too. Thanks for sharing. Rita Spratlen


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