Aug 18, 2014

Topsail Beach - A Perfect Place for Families

We went to Topsail Beach last week for an end of summer family trip. Notice that I didn't say family vacation? As most moms know a family trip is no vacation for the parents. Now we made many wonderful memories and we had a great time, but it was not a vacation. I was still cooking, doing laundry, and giving baths-yep not a vacation.

The weekend was a little rainy, but thanks to an indoor pool at the condo resort we stayed at our fun was not ruined. We built plenty of sandcastles, buried each other in the sand, collected 10,000 sea shells, and rode the waves.

This was our first trip to Topsail Beach and I know we will return again next summer. It's not a crowded as other beaches in North Carolina but just as pretty. With three kids, it's nice having plenty of space to build and dig in the sand. Plus the people that were on the beach were families so no loud partying on the beach next to our kids. You know you're a parent when that becomes a priority.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our trip.

I love going to the beach with my kids. It's not relaxing but it's fun. I love watching my kids hesitate when they first see the waves and then charge into the water.

There is nothing better than playing in the sand with your kids. Many holes were dug and of course you have to bury each other. Watching your kids giggle as they bury daddy in the sand is priceless.

A little sisterly love at dinner. These two are so cute when they're not fighting. 

This last picture is a great glimpse into my oldest child's introverted personality. She is so much like me it's a little scary sometimes. Being around people for too long is just too much for her. She asked for alone time on the balcony everyday while we were at the beach. I know this bothers some people that she needs time to herself to recharge, but I am the same way so I get it. Personally I love that she knows what she needs and isn't afraid to ask for it. 

But now we're back home and school starts next week. I'm still not ready for school to start but in 6 days our summer will officially be over.

Have you ever been to Topsail Beach? Which beach is your favorite to go to with your family?


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