Sep 24, 2014

Are You Waiting for a Special Occasion

Are you saving nice things for a special occasion? I know that most people are afraid of nice things breaking or getting ruined so they save them for a special occasion.  That just doesn't work for me.

My daughters love to wear fancy dresses. Thanks to several older girl cousins and a mommy who loves to dress shop they have several fancy dresses in their closets. Now I have a philosophy when it comes to clothes, their purpose is to be worn. Shocking right?

Her blueberry picking outfit.

My girls wear their fancy dresses weekly regardless of where we are going. Side note, they usually pick out jeans or shorts for church the one place we go where it's socially acceptable to wear fancy dresses.

I don't make them save their dresses for a special occasion. I don't understand why so many parents do. The dresses are paid for, don't you want them to wear them often to get the most bang for your buck? Plus it makes my daughters happy. I love that one simple move on my part makes my girls happy.

I have the same philosophy when it comes to my wedding china. Now that my kids are a little older we use it at least twice a week. Any meal that I consider fancy (ie it took more than 30 minutes to cook) is served on wedding china. My kids set the table and they ask if we can use my "fancy wedding china" often. They get so excited when we use the china and it makes the meal feel special, even when it comes out of the Crock Pot.

I know why I am this way with dresses and china. My grandma was a big believer in using your nicest things on the people you love the most. Every time we ate at her house we sat in the formal dining room and ate on her china. As a kid I loved getting to use her fancy dishes. She never worried about us scratching a plate or dropping one. A few years before she died she asked me what I wanted to inherit from her; I picked the china. If there is a fire, I will save the china. She also wore jewelry daily and dressed nicer than any occasion called for. I didn't inherit that fashion trait, you'll find me in jeans daily.

I don't want to have my nicest things hiding in closets or cabinets collecting dust. What is the point of having something nice if you never use it? My girls want to dress up like princesses and feel beautiful in their fancy dresses. A phase of life I'm all too aware will not last long so I'm enjoying every minute of it. I want to make my kids feel special by using my wedding dishes. It makes the meal feel special instead of an ordinary family dinner.

Do you save things for a special occasion? Why or why not?


  1. I love your philosophy about this, I've started trying to think that way too especially when it comes to my sons clothes, he likes to dress up on school days and I don't see any reason why he should have to save his nicer clothes.

    1. He shouldn't have to wait. If it makes them happy then go for it. Just think , one day he'll grow up and probably won't want to dress nice. You'll have all these memories to look back on.

  2. I love your attitude! The only time I really wait is if I bought something for a certain occasion... I wait for that occasion so it's nice and neat. But then, after it's over, totally okay with it being used whenever.

    1. I'm the same way with the dresses. Wait until Easter and then wear it until it falls apart at the seams. The only hard part is when I have to throw the dresses away since they are literally falling apart at the seams. My girls don't see the problem with it.


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