Sep 2, 2014

Twin Separation Anxiety

One huge discussion among mothers of twins is should you separate them once they start school. There are so many pros and cons for keeping them together or putting them in their own class and the research will back up both decisions depending on the study. Personally I think it's yet another parenting decision that must be made by each family.

For my twins, the choice was pretty much out of my control. Mark has several developmental delays and went from the Early Intervention program to the special education program through the school district. Molly didn't qualify and goes to private preschool. To get Mark the services he needs, private preschool is not an option. So yes, out of my control.

Last week Mark and Isabella started school, Molly doesn't start until tomorrow. It was a rough week for Molly getting left behind and feeling left out. All day she wanted Mark back at home and once he was home she was mean to him. I thought things would get better once the weekend rolled around but it didn't. Based on the tantrums she threw this weekend, I expect to see her on the desperate Housewives of Raleigh in 25 years.

The bus stop reunion on Mark's first day of school. 

Yesterday Molly threw a tantrum that was so over the top ridiculous that I had to walk away from her since I couldn't contain my laughter. What happened to set her off? She put her panties on backwards. That's it, nothing else. I didn't even know she put her panties on backwards until I heard the most dramatic crying in the history of crying. There was no calming her down and her little fit went on for about 20 minutes.

Needless to say I'm working on showing my precious daughter some extra love and grace right now. Today we went to the park and I actually played with her instead of sitting on the bench like I do when her siblings are around. My husband and I have gone out of our way over the weekend to spend one on one time with her. If history is any indication life is going to be rough on Molly for a few weeks until she adjust to life without her twin around all the time.

Until then I hope if she's going to throw a tantrum like that again she will do it clothed so I can video tape it.


  1. Sorry couldn't help but chuckle a little. I wrote about something similar myself yesterday, about my son losing it because it wasn't fair that he couldn't have a guitar (one he never even once mentioned that he wanted or asked for). That would be hard for the twins to separate. My brother has a boy/girl twin and they ended up putting them in separate classes as they wanted them to be able to learn to interact with others and not rely on each other to do things for each other so much.

    1. Well that isn't fair, imagine having a mom who can't read your mind. Oh the horror. We want our twins in separate classes next year for the same reason. I think it will be better once they're both in Kindergarten since they'll ride the bus together and see each other on the playground.


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