Oct 13, 2014

My New Found Love For Columbus Day

When I was teaching in Las Vegas we didn't get Columbus Day off. In fact I wasn't even allowed to teach my students about Columbus Day since the district didn't want the kiddies to learn that history isn't neat and tidy. Which means Columbus Day became a holiday that was for mattress sales and no mail service. That all changed when we moved to Raleigh where my husband works for a Boston based company.

Hello paid holiday on Columbus Day!

Yep my husband gets a paid holiday on Columbus Day since it's a huge holiday in Boston. Here in Raleigh, the kids still go to school. It's a mattress sale and no mail kind of holiday for the folks who work for NC companies. Do you see where my new appreciation for Columbus Day comes from?????

Yes today my husband and I had 4 kid free hours to enjoy together.

We would have like to go to a movie but sadly someone decided that movies shouldn't start until 1pm which is exactly the time my daughter gets out of preschool. But there was something we have wanted to do for a few months but can't with our kids.

We went to the history museum. We tried taking the kids there once and learned that they are too young for it. The hard way. Pretty much the only way we learn our parenting lessons.

Now picture it. We are in a quiet place and without kids with us, and it's actually quiet. We are able to read all the information and look at things at our own pace. We even were able to talk about what we saw. Plus, I didn't have to tell my anyone to climb down off a display or lower their voice. Not once. Who knew a trip to the museum  could be so peaceful?

Both my husband and I really like history and we had a great time. They have a NC Sports Hall of Fame Exhibit were I saw the greatest thing ever!

Check it out! Football players once wore onesies! I don't know why, but I found this hysterical.

After the museum we went shopping. Alone. There wasn't a little person with me in the dressing room commenting on my bra color or why I have lines where my jeans sit at the waist. That one always gets a chuckle from the person in the next dressing room.

We were able to walk through the store and look at clothes peacefully. I can't remember the last time that happened.

After shopping our time was up so we picked up Molly from school and took her to a hibachi lunch. She's never been and the fire terrified her! Much to the amusement to the rest of the table, Molly screamed and climb under her chair. It was actually pretty funny, I get why they were laughing.

The food was terrific as usual and it was a fun treat. That was the goal of the day for us, do things we don't normally get to do. To end our day before the other two kids got home from school we took Molly to redeem a gift card from her birthday. Yes from last November, I just never got around to taking her before today. Some things are on the bottom of the list for a long time.

It was a great day and I can't wait for next year. You know when all three kids will be in school all day!

Do you or your kids get Columbus Day off?


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