Oct 27, 2014

The Power of the Heart

Have you ever thought about the power of your heart? We know that we need our heart to stay alive but have you ever thought about how much the heart controls our lives? From feelings of gratitude to forgiveness our heart guides our lives. I received The Power of the Heart by Baptist De Pape to review as a member of SheSpeaks blogger society. All opinions are mine.

The Power of the Heart is a spiritual guide. Each chapter tackles a different topic with insight from the world's spiritual leaders. At the end of each chapter is a contemplation section for the reader to reflect on their own life.

I enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed the way the book was broken up since it was easy to pick up and read one chapter and come back to it later. With three kids it's hard for me to find large chunks of free time to read. Plus the contemplation section allowed me to reflect on what I read before I moved on to the next chapter.

My favorite chapter was the power of gratitude. Lately I've had a hard time counting my blessings, instead I've been focused on what isn't going right. My husband is working crazy hours right now which leaves me taking care of the kids on my own. After reading the chapter, the call to action was to write down three blessings every night for a week. After a few days of doing this exercise I realized how much I have to be grateful for. I started focusing on the blessings my husband's jobs provides us instead of the hours he needs to work for a few weeks. My attitude and days instantly improved.

I continued to write down three blessings after the ten days were up. I enjoyed reflecting on my day and acknowledging what went right and why. My favorite quote from the chapter was from Eckhart Tolle "Being grateful is another essential part of living in contentedness with the heart; it comes naturally." Once I started focusing my thinking on looking for blessings, it was natural for me to see them. I also felt happier and less stressed out taking care of the kids alone.

Another chapter I enjoyed was the one on forgiveness. I know that forgiveness is essential for my own happiness but I sometimes forget that. Instead I want to stay mad and feel righteous in my anger. If you struggle with forgiving others you will gain insight from this chapter.

I highly recommend reading this book to open up your heart. Learn more about the book on their Facebook page and Twitter. The book is for sale now.

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