Nov 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Traditions

Growing up my mom would put the turkey in the oven super early in the morning and then we would head into downtown Houston for the Thanksgiving parade. Now that I'm a parent I'm pretty sure my mom was insane to take on an outing like a parade when she was cooking the meal. But I'm glad she did since it's a great childhood memory.

Now that I'm married my husband and I have combined some of our Thanksgiving traditions. Now it's a given in my house that football will be on all afternoon. That was a Thanksgiving tradition in both of our homes. It's pretty cool thinking about how we took things from both of our childhoods to make our new family traditions.

Breakfast is Egg-A-Roll Casserole which is a cheesy egg casserole that my goofy kids renamed. The recipe is from my mother in law and I love it. I can't imagine Thanksgiving without it.

After breakfast we watch the parade on TV. It's not nearly as much fun on TV but it's the only choice here. The kids get a kick out of seeing Santa and their favorite characters. Brett is bored out of his mind and counts down the minutes until football starts.

Lunch is always a few appetizers. Both of our families did this growing up. We normally ate snacks at the parade growing up.

Dinner has changed. We both grew up eating around 2 and we both hated it. I will never understand why anyone wants to eat a huge meal at 2. I like to eat in the evening between 5 and 6. I aim for 5 and we usually eat closer to 6. Perhaps this year we will get closer to 5. Another one of my family traditions at Thanksgiving is lefse which is a Norwegian food. It's amazing and mandatory on my Thanksgiving table.

I never liked stuffing until I had my mother in law's cornbread stuffing. It's so good and I make it every year, even when I don't host the meal.

Dessert for Brett was pumpkin pie but we both hate pumpkin pie. I love all things pumpkin except pie and lattes. I grew up eating apple pie so that is our Thanksgiving dessert. I serve it with vanilla bean ice cream which is all the kids ate last year.

After two days of cooking the chef does not clean! That was a tradition in my family that Brett continues. Then we put the kids to bed, pour another glass of wine, and veg on the couch.

What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?


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