Dec 31, 2014

CVS MinuteClinic New Years Wellness with Latisse

Tomorrow the New Year begins and the desire to make a new change is strong this time of year. Most people make a resolution to lose weight or quit smoking. Personally I do not make resolutions; instead I strive to make a small change for the year which I name. Last year my word for the year was patience this year my word is Allison.

Yes it's my name and yes it sounds a little weird but hear me out on this one. I want to make myself a bigger priority. I'm not talking about self care that comes easily to me. I'm talking about not feeling guilty when I do something fun that is just for me. A few weeks ago I bought new makeup because I wanted new eye shadow. I didn't need it, I just wanted it and after I left the store I realized that it's been years since I did something for myself for no reason. I think many moms can relate to my situation. 

I want to do things this year that are just for me, fun or silly things that I normally wouldn't do. One thing that I've been very intrigued by is Latisse the eye lash lengthening product. I have short, blonde lashes that cannot be seen without mascara. Sadly, it seems to be getting worse in my 30's. I love the idea of having longer, fuller lashes but I'm not willing to book an appointment with my doctor to get the prescription. It's hard enough to see the doctors I need to see while my kids are all at school let alone seeing a doctor just for my eye lashes. 

But now you can get the prescription without having to go to the doctor, just head to your local CVS. Their MinuteClinic now offers eyelash lengthening consultation right in the store. I can easily pop into the MinuteClinic since I already shop at CVS on a regular basis. I don't know about you, once something is convenient for me I will actually do it instead of thinking about it. Since I am a regular CVS shopper and I was already interested in Latisse, I agreed to do this sponsored post, all opinions are mine. 

If your lashes are thinning as you get older, MinuteClinic can help those 18 an older through an eyelash lengthening consultation. And, if it’s right for you, prescribe LATISSE, an at-home treatment that can give you longer, fuller and thicker lashes.

I'm putting getting a consultation for Latisse at the top of my list of things to do just for me. While no one else will care if my lashes are longer and fuller, I will and really that is all that matters. My attempt to make the year a fun one for me is already off and running.

Something tells me my husband will like my longer lashes though.

If you did make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight, MinuteClinic can help you too. In addition to Eyelash Lengthening Services, MinuteClinic also offers comprehensive Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation programs, complete with personalized assessment, plan and ongoing coaching. Details: MinuteClinic Weight Loss Program (partnered with DASH, the #1 ranked overall diet by U.S. News & World Report 4 years running)

Last fall, CVS made headlines when they announced they would stop selling tobacco products. It was a huge move on their part and they are truly committed to helping people become smoke free. You can also head to CVS for help quitting smoking, the other big New Year's Resolution. MinuteClinic Smoking Cessation Program

If your New Year Resolution is to lose weight, quit smoking, or do something fun for yourself, MinuteClinic is there to help you reach your goals. Pop into a CVS today and see how the MinuteClinic can help you. They are there for more than flu shots and sick visits. 


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