Dec 17, 2014

Favorite Christmas Memories

Christmas is only  days away which makes me panic a little bit. I have everything purchased and shipped but not one single present is wrapped. I also haven't even thought about what I'm going to cook for Christmas dinner or made any cookies. 

Instead of wrapping some presents today while my kids were at school and napping, I spent the afternoon looking at Christmas pictures from years past. These are some of my favorite Christmas memories. 

Isabella's first Christmas was so fun for us. She was too little to understand what was going on, but she loved tearing the wrapping paper off her gifts. There is something magical about your first Christmas as a parent. 

Best Santa Picture EVER! I just love this picture! I can hear Isabella's laugh. 

This picture reminds me that even when it seems like things aren't going right and Christmas is a disaster, at least I don't have a child on life support this year. I took this picture moments after the doctor told me to prepare myself for Molly going into surgery. I don't care what our financial situation may be or what family member is being a jerk, it will never be as bad as that year.

Perspective friends.

Ah there is nothing like a crying Santa picture, I love it and I have many others just like it. 

Last year we went to Christmas Eve service in a barn. There was something so magical about hearing the Christmas story in a barn full of animals. Unless of course you're Mark who thought someone was trying to torture him based on his expression. This picture cracks me up every time I look at it.

Every year we drive around and look at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate. This was the first year we did it as a family of 5. I forgot how crammed the backseat of my car was back then. 

My brother and I both have Christmas week birthdays which means we have been celebrating together ever since our parents divorced 20 years ago. Neither of us are very thrilled with it but we have a few traditions between us. We've exchanged a gift bag for the last 8 years. I give him his gift in the bag and 5 days later I get my gift in the bag. This is actually our second birthday bag, the first one fell apart but the tradition had to go on. A few years ago he bought me Middle Sister wine as a gag gift, I smile every time I see it in the store, it's hard not living near him anymore especially this time of year.

Isabella and I went to a Christmas ballet performance last year. It was fun watching her take in the ballet for the first time and getting dressed up for a night out. Plus it was just the two of us which is a rare thing when you have 3 kids.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions or memories that make you happy this time of year?


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