Jan 2, 2015

Kicking Off the New Year Without Processed Foods

Twice a year my husband and I swear off processed foods for a month. It's a challenge we like doing and we improve our eating habits for more than a month. Typically we take away small changes every challenge that are keeping us healthy. The first time we did the challenge I learned how to make condensed soup and I haven't bought a can since.

We are very successful in the summer when we do it. It's so easy to eat clean in the summer with all the wonderful fruits and vegetables in season. The winter is another story and eating clean is much harder. Eating clean during football playoffs flat out sucks.

Last year we started the challenge on January 3rd and we quit by the 20th. A combination of too many snow days and freezing cold temperatures drove me to drinking coffee with cream and Splenda. Once I cheated with the coffee I gave up on the challenge.

I know from experience that meal planning is a must if I am going to succeed. It's more than planning dinner, I have to plan all my meals and snacks. It's too easy to cheat if lunch isn't planned. Also my Crock Pot is about to be my best friend since I get sick of cooking every single meal we eat.

I'm jealous of all the wives out there who have a husband who cooks.

I'm trying to get excited for this challenge but it's not going well. I know it will be good for be and all that jazz but it's hard getting motivated. We started the challenge today and I am already dreaming about Diet Dr. Pepper, there might be something wrong with me.

Are you trying to make any health changes this year? What are they and how are you trying to stay motivated?


  1. That's an awesome goal! You are so right that planning is key. I know when I plan well we eat so much healthier. When I don't I end up going for frozen pizza or chicken nuggets! Good luck I'm sure you'll do great!

    1. Thanks! We are the same way without planning only in my house it's takeout Chinese food.


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