Feb 25, 2015

Birthday Party or Family Vacation

My husband and I think we started a new family tradition without planning on it; family vacations instead of birthday parties.

Last November we went to Washington DC for a long weekend to visit with my cousins from Australia. It was right around Mark and Molly's birthday and they decided that it was their birthday trip. We didn't think anything of it and went along with it. I planned on having a movie theater birthday party for them in early December but when the time came to invite their friends they announced that they didn't want a party.

I was sad even though I'm not a fan of parties. What kind of mother doesn't throw a birthday party for their kids? But my twins wouldn't budge, they did not want a party!

Their birthday came and went and to my dismay they never changed their minds about having a party. The guilt stayed with me for weeks and I tried every angle I could to get Mark and Molly to have a party. Talk about mom guilt.

Fast forward to January and we started asking Isabella what kind of birthday party she wanted. All on her own she said she didn't want a party, instead she wanted to go to the beach.


This time there was no guilt, if she didn't want a party then why worry about it? Instead I planned a great weekend and let Isabella decide what she wanted to do and eat.

We went to Myrtle Beach last weekend for her birthday. We stayed at a resort with apartment style rooms and indoor pools and lazy rivers. The kids all had a blast and Isabella said it was the best birthday ever. As far as family trips go we had so much fun swimming and hanging out together. It was the most relaxing family trip we've ever taken. Plus the resort was dead being mid February so we practically had the place to ourselves. It was nice enough on Sunday to enjoy some playtime on the beach.

Before we left Mark and Molly said they wanted to go to a different beach next year for their birthday party. So maybe a new family tradition has started?

I can get on board with taking two extra vacations a year instead of throwing a birthday party.

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