Feb 18, 2015

Dog Pile Sledding and Other Snow Fun

There is snow in North Carolina again. Well not so much snow as snow that turned into ice.

Last winter I learned that living in a city where is snows occasionally means buying snow clothes are a must. You see when you're stuck at home for days on end you need to get outside. Without snow clothes, kids last exactly 10 minutes before they start whining about being cold and wet.

Unacceptable. We need to get outside longer than 10 minutes.

This fall I got some hand me down snow clothes from my sister in law and picked up the rest at a consignment sale. Having snow clothes made all the difference in the world this week. My kids played outside for 2 hours and I finally dragged them in for lunch. Later they went out to play for another 2 hours.

Yes, I'm going to pick up snow clothes at consignments sales very year now. Purchases that ensure my sanity are a must!

Driveway sledding was a huge hit yesterday, I even got in on the action. I think I had just as much fun as the kids. At one point the kids decided to go down the driveway all together. Who doesn't like a little dog pile sledding?

Fun fact, on Valentine's Day we had a huge wind storm and one of our pine trees split off at the top and fell on the roof (and through the roof too). Most of the tree was hauled away but there are some branches still on the ground. Life may have handed me holes in my roof, but my kids made a jungle gym out of the situation.

Now that the snow has turned into ice I'm ready for the sun to melt it all away. Being stuck in the house with three kids isn't exactly fun. We've done all the usual indoor activities including several obstacle courses. 

Anyone else ready for school to be open again?


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