Mar 8, 2015

5 Reasons Time Change Sucks When You're a Parent

I loath time change! I think most people think it sucks in general, but parents truly hate time change. Everything and I do mean everything is just a little thrown off by the time moving one hour. It takes me at least a week to adjust to the new time.

Just a few reasons why time change sucks when you're a parent.

1. There is no such thing as an extra hour of sleep when you're a parent.
Remember when you were childless and fall back meant you got an extra hour of sleep? Not so much when you're a parent. Nope the kids still wake up on time if not earlier just to throw you off your game. And when we spring forward that hour either means you're dragging kids out of bed for church (me) or your entire day is thrown off.

2. Dinner hour is pure torture
By dinner, the kids are exhausted and completely thrown off schedule. Prepare for some seriously cranky kids come dinner hour. I always make pasta for dinner so at least the kids won't complain about what they are eating. Tonight Molly was falling asleep in her pasta she was so tired.

3. Nap time? What is that?
My most vivid memory of young kids and time change was that they couldn't nap. It is either too early or too late and they didn't want to go down for a nap.

4. Waking up before the sun rises
Tomorrow morning I get the pleasure of waking up my kids before the sun rises. Even at the young ages of 5 and 7 they get that a normal person doesn't wake up before the sun. I see an extra splash of cream in my coffee tomorrow as a reward for getting out the door tomorrow.

5. Dinner is late
Oh yet another dinnertime nightmare, when you forget to start cooking because the sun hasn't set yet. It takes me a few days to realize that it is getting later even though the sunlight is still streaming through the windows. I promise you we will eat late at least three times this week if history is any indicator.

Yes dinner was late tonight, so the kids went to bed late. Pretty sure this is part of the vicious cycle of why time change sucks so much. So pour a glass of wine tonight and know that you are not alone in your misery. This too shall pass and we will adjust only to the new time.

And then we will fall back.


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