Mar 24, 2015

Do You Train Your Child?

Even if you haven't spent much time in church you've heard the verse "train a child how you want them to go and he will not depart from it."

I'm not going to lie, I laugh when people quote that to me. First of all it's a proverb or a wise saying not a biblical truth. You can train your kids all you want but free will is what will determine their path. Should you still try? Absolutely but it's not a guarantee. Darn kids will do what they want, just like we all did.

So am I training my kids how I want them to go? Yes and I hope they do in fact follow.

One hope that I have is that this sweet little guy will actually become a chef or at least a husband who cooks when he grows up.

That sweet boy is my little sous chef. Mark is always in the kitchen with me helping me get dinner on the table or making a special desert. I'm investing some serious time in his culinary skills. Do you know how long it take to teach a young child how to use a knife properly? There are some days that I do not have the patience to have him help me, but most nights you'll find him in the kitchen by my side.

I'm convinced that one day this little man will make dinner for the family. I fantasize about coming home from work and finding dinner ready on the table. No more cooking for this mom, Mark is on the job.

Hey, I did say it was a fantasy.

But that is EXACTLY where I want my training to go.

Only time will tell if my training will pay off. Until then I have this video of him practicing his knife skills at the ripe ole age of five to keep me happy. Even if his crazy sisters are screaming bloody murder in the background.

 Are you training your child to do something specific that you hope will pay off one day?


  1. Even if he doesn't become a chef, he will make his future wife a very happy woman. My husband spent a good deal of time in the kitchen with his mom growing up and he cooks for us quite frequently. I love it. I enjoy baking, but would give up cooking if I didn't have to to feed my family! LOL

    1. I would love to have a husband who cooks, you're very lucky. My husband doesn't know how to cook and it really gets old.


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