Apr 1, 2015

Major Progress with Cerebral Palsy

If you looked at my son today, you wouldn't see Cerebral Palsy. The most common comment I hear today when people learn that Mark has Cerebral Palsy is that they would never guess that or that they can't tell. I never know what to say to that but I understand the sentiment.

Today as I talked with the OT at school I was reminded just how far my son has come in 5 years while I went over his history with her.

Mark's tone in his hands was so severe that he couldn't open his hands on his own until he was 7 months old. His hands were always in a fist and we had to pry them open.

Hands always fisted

There was a time when we were told that Mark would never walk. After over a year of intensive therapy, Mark finally took his first steps at 17 months. It was a few more months before we was walking like a typically developing toddler. I'll never forget the day he took his first steps during PT, it was the happiest day of my life. Today he can run, climb, dance, and do pretty much anything any other typically developing 5 year old can do.

At almost three Mark was diagnosed as borderline nonverbal. I didn't even know such a title existed. He had about 15 words but rarely used them since gestures and his sisters did enough talking for him. Today I can't get the kid to be quiet and he never stops talking. Sometimes I'm able to remind myself that this is a good thing but usually I take it for granted.

sweet twins

At three Mark was also diagnosed - severally globally delayed. He tested in the lowest range in all five areas that they test. It was a rough day hearing a PANEL of "experts" tell me that my son sucks. Of course they didn't use those words but they might as well have and they didn't think at three that traditional school was in Mark's future anytime soon. Today Mark is almost on target with his peers. He's just a little behind and he's going to traditional Kindergarten in the fall with his twin.

handsome dancer

It's amazing to me how far Mark has come in just 5 years. The tiny baby that started therapy in the NICU is now a strong, independent little boy. He even takes ballet and tap once a week and is doing great in class! He can hang in there with the other preschoolers and if I do say so myself, he's a handsome little dancer.


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