Apr 22, 2015

Needing Alone Time

I am introverted, pretty much the definition of introverted. I get crabby and stressed when I'm around people too much, eve my own family. Which is why I created quiet time when my kids stopped napping, I knew I needed some quiet time to myself so I can recharge.

I'm a much better mommy when I get an hour or so to myself everyday.

I went back to work full time in January and I am adjusting to the change in my schedule, being dressed every morning, and running my house and working out of the home. It took a few months to not feel completely thrown off but I have a new system and things are much better.

Do you feel the but coming yet?

But I'm never alone now. Like ever. Not even for lunch.

The kids and I pretty much wake up together and my husband is now home in the mornings thanks to a new job. Super helpful getting everyone ready, not so helpful for my quiet time. Then I drive to work, normally a time alone except I work at my kids' school so they are with me. My kids stay in my classroom until the bell rings and then they go to their classes while my students start filing in.

Long story that I'm not going to get into on my blog, but I have to eat in the classroom while all the kids are in there. It's not exactly relaxing or a break when you're with 21 kids during lunch.

After school I'm with the kids until my husband gets home around 6:15 and then it's go time with dinner, bath, and bedtime routines.

Basically I'm never alone and it's stressing me out. And it makes me feel bad that I need time alone to function. Don't most moms want to spend time with their kids once they get off work?

It's not that I don't want to spend anytime with them, I just want 20 minutes or so alone when we get home. Most days the kids will play alone long enough for me to get some downtime but it's usually interrupted several times which defeats the purpose.

Hopefully I can get a different position next year and I'll have a little downtime during the day, at the very least during lunch. Until then I'm stuck in the relentless cycle of needing alone time and then feeling guilty for it.


  1. Aw, the alone time. I'm so sorry you don't have it right now and I'm not sure how old your kids are but my son, who is DD and five has finally almost maybe started to get it when I say I'm sleeping, at 5:30am and will play with his Legos now (new). Still, it's not the downtime you're looking for, I know. I have resorted to the ipad or TV when I need to just take a break and write for 15 minutes. I hope you get some time soon!!! And you're not alone!

    1. Thanks! Now that the weather is getting better they can at least go outside in the backyard and play for a few minutes alone.

  2. I totally feel for you, I'm the same way. Have your tried getting up before your kids are up, it works really well for me.

    1. My daughter wakes up at 6. I can't bring myself to get up any earlier. I know it would help but I think I need my sleep more.


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