May 21, 2015

10 End of School Year Survival Tips

It's the end of the school year which means there are award ceremonies, Spring Fling, year end conferences, and unfortunately for me also dance recital season.

Lord give me strength.

The end of the school year is a sprint to the finish. Thankfully the reward for making it to the end of the year is a nice long lazy summer. And trust me, moms need summer! But before we can relax by the pool we have some work to do. Here are some tips to make it to summer with your sanity intact.

1. Embrace buying school lunch or allowing your kids to pack their own lunches. Lets face it moms, we are tired. I don't know why packing lunches is such a hated chore but that's just the way it is. This is the time of year that I allow my kids to buy lunch more and I pack the saddest lunches. It's OK, let go of the guilt. The kids will be fine and their lunches will rock in a few months when you're so sick of summer you can't see straight.

See I was just as sad last year as this year. 

2. Let go of the guilt when schedule conflicts arise. It's OK not to go to everything. If you have more than one child chance are something will overlap and you are going to miss an event. And that's OK. It's not like anyone asked you if the volunteer appreciation breakfast was scheduled at the same time as your daughter's preschool graduation. That decision is a no brainer but some are harder than others.

3. Just say ehhhh to homework. Don't tell my principal that I said this but you can skip homework on the insanely busy nights if your school is like mine and they don't grade homework. Last night my daughter did a measurement assignment and I was too tired to get up from the table so she measured the things in arms reach including a wine bottle and wine glass. I don't even care, the fact that we did homework is pretty much a miracle at this point in the year.

4. Don't sweat how often your kids watches a movie at school. Yes plenty of teachers are showing extra episodes of Magic School Bus and there is a great reason why. They are testing each child individually and that takes approximately two weeks to accomplish. It sucks for everyone but we all have to live in the world of high stakes testing. Unless you're willing to come in and teach a lesson stay quiet. And just think if you really stretch the imagination Pocahontas is a history lesson.

5. No Gourmet Cooks Allowed. Cereal and Sandwiches make a good enough dinner. There is no need to kill yourself to cook dinner when you have the end of year banquet and dance rehearsal on the same night. Look at your schedule and plan meals accordingly.

6. Schedule a Night Off. This week I have a commitment every single night except Thursday. I scheduled a movie afternoon with my kids so I wouldn't be tempted to say yes to something. It's a good thing after getting cornered by a coworker about staying late today. No can do, I have plans. Hey watching a movie in your pjs is a plan in my book.

7. Embrace your emotions. As preschool is coming to a close I'm an emotional mess over saying goodbye to my son's teachers. Yes he will be at the same school but after 2+ years with his teachers I don't want to lose them. I made a promise to myself to only cry a little. After all, I work there and I can't make a complete fool out of myself.

How could you not love these ladies?
They may kill me for this picture.

8. Plan a date night for when school is out. There is nothing that gets me through long days and nights like the reward of a night away from home. I don't even care what we do, I just want a night off.

9. No need to kill yourself over end of year gifts for your kids' teachers, anything you give them will be appreciated. My favorite gifts were always letters from the parents or kids telling me what they'll miss about my class or why they liked being in my class. When in doubt go with a gift card. My son's teachers are getting gift cards to Total Wine this year, it's been a rough year for them and they deserve it.

10. Remember that this is just a busy season that will be over before you know it. Soon we will be relaxing by the pool with the kids. You know if your idea of relaxing is being a referee, lifeguard, snack provider, sunscreen applier, look at me mama watcher, and lugger of all the stuff.

They say sharing is caring. So what are some of your end of the school year survival tips?


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