Jun 30, 2015

10 Things to Smile About #10Things

I can't believe June has come and gone. I was so looking forward to school ending and just like that June is over and summer is going by too fast. Here are some things that made me smile in June. 

1. Preschool water day. Molly was able to attend and when they decided to get into the big bubble together they instantly hugged. I love seeing their unique bond! 

2. Snif snif, Mark's preschool graduation. He was so stinkin cute!

3.The twin performed in their first dance recital. All three kids did great and we've watched the video about 20 times already.

4. Ahhhh sibling love. Is there anything better???

5. Pool days with friends. My kids pretty much live at the pool these days.

6. Father's Day dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant. Eating at Chuy's always makes me smile.

7. Regal's Dollar Movie days give me tons to smile about. Going with friends makes it even better.

8. Our oldest went to camp this weekend. She was very cute the day before she left wanting extra hugs. I snapped this picture when no one was looking. I can't help but think awww every time I look at this picture.

9. Speaking of camp here's our big girl when we dropped her off at camp. There were no tears, just big smiles and more excitement than I've seen in a long time.

10. Look at this face! Molly loved her Daddy's soup and charmed her way into eating half the bowl. This sweet girl has a daddy that really loves her, he rarely shares food with me.

What is making you smile this month? 


  1. Oh, your kids are so cute!

    Eating at Chuy's makes me smile, too. I could go and just eat chips and dip and have a margarita and be happy.

    1. I have gone just to drink and eat chips and dip. They have a great happy hour that my husband and I go to occasionally just for that purpose.

  2. My kids totally charmed my husband out of half of his meal the other day, they have a way of doing that. How long was your daughter's camp she went to? Looks like an awesome pool and always fun to do things like that with friends.
    Thank you so much for linking up, sorry I was so slow about commenting.


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