Jun 17, 2015

Motherhood is a Marathon

I've never run a marathon since I despise running. I blame swimming my whole life, whenever we got in trouble for anything in swimming we had to run. Still to this day in my head running is punishment.

Even though I've never run a marathon, I get the concept. You have to pace yourself and refuel your body during the race. That is the whole point of the refueling stations after all.

If you go into a marathon at a full sprint you won't run a good race. You may not be able to finish at all.

Motherhood is a marathon and yet so many of us are treating it as a sprint.

How many times have you said.....

you don't have time to exercise? 
you don't have time to see the doctor?
you don't have time to see friends?
I haven't sat down all day?

And all the other excuses that we moms are famous for?

I know that I'm just as guilty as the next mom. I went for my annual check up 6 weeks late because I didn't make the time for my appointment. My doctor was less than impressed seeing as how I need to get blood work down for my medications before he can refill my prescriptions. I was less than impressed with my blood pressure and weigh in after not working out as often as I did before I went back to work.

I kept saying I didn't have time but that's not true, I simply put myself last.

Why do we do that?

I don't know why but I don't like it. I'm going to try to stop my sprinting ways and realize that I'm running a marathon. I need to stop at the stations and refuel. That means putting myself first occasionally to recharge physically and spiritually.

After all, I can't take care of anyone else if I'm not taking care of myself.


  1. I've been thinking about this lately... you would yell at me if you knew how long it had been since my "annual" check up. I need to fix that and take care of me for my kids.

    1. Time to schedule that annual. I would miss mine too if I didn't need that prescription.


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