Jun 26, 2015

Sleep Away Camp Confessions

I confess....
We go to the pool almost everyday.

I confess....
The pool is basically a sleeping pill for my kids. When we go to the pool they fall asleep instantly when we put them to bed at night.


I confess....
My daughter is going to camp on Sunday. She is jumping out of her skin excited. I hope that excitement continues, it will kill me if she doesn't want us to leave when we drop her off.

Camp Open House Event

I confess....
It will be interesting to see the change in dynamic next week with one kid gone. My twins give me a run for my money and really like to team up against their older sister.

I confess....
I'm hoping things will go smoother next week with one less kid but something tells me it will be harder. Isabella is the one who clues me in when they are misbehaving.

I confess....
I am looking forward to cooking next week with my picky eater at camp. I had a fantastic time planning all the meals she hates and complains about but everyone else loves.

I might not be a good person based on that last confession.

I confess....
I know I'm going to miss my girl but I also know she's going to have a fantastic time. I loved camp as a kid.

I wish I could go for a week.

Without my family.

I mean I would take my husband but someone has to watch the kids :)

What are you confessing this week?


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