Jun 23, 2015

Tips on Sending Your Child to Camp

My daughter is heading off to camp for the first time on Sunday. She is very excited and we are excited for her, my husband and I loved going to camp when we were kids. We attended an open house for the camp in April which was great since we were able to talk to the staff about what to expect and experience the camp. The open house got my daughter excited about camp and reminded us why camp is so much fun. I'm not going to lie, I wish I could sneak away to camp for a week.

I went zip lining with my daughter while we were there. 

I'm teaming up with MinuteClinic to bring you some tips in this sponsored post on how to prepare your child for camp. From what to pack to what to do if your child gets poison ivy at camp, these tips from MinuteClinic will help you. 

No trip to camp is ready without a pre-camp physical. You can take your child to a MinuteClinic near you to make sure your child is in good health for camp. MinuteClinic's nurse practitioners and physician assistants are ready to:

  •  Review health history and immunizations 
  •  Perform a thorough physical exam 
  • Complete and stamp required paperwork

Before you leave for camp, make sure your camper is ready. I'm not talking just about packing, they need to be ready to leave home.
  • Stay in Touch - Ask if the camp offers ways to connect with your camper, such as email or by phone.  At my daughter's camp they allow one way email so we can write to her everyday, but no phone calls. Include some of the things you are doing at home and make it upbeat. You don't want your letter to make them sad they aren't with home. 
  • Talk to Your Child - Let your children know that it’s okay to be worried, a little nervous, or to miss home at first. Be encouraging and remind them that this will be an adventure and home will be there when they return. 
  • Pack Something Familiar - If they’re ever feeling homesick, a trinket from home can be comforting – whether it’s a photo, blanket, stuffed animal or their favorite toy. Ask your camp what is OK to bring, we are sending a family picture and a stuffed animal with our daughter. 
  • Have Them Log Their Trip Encourage your children to preserve camp memories. Disposable cameras and journals are great mediums for them to share their experiences with friends and family, and to relive their adventure. 
With camp right around the corner my daughter is starting to get a little nervous. I told her that she might get a little homesick, especially at night when she's going to sleep and that it's normal. But then I reminded her that it's OK to have fun at camp and be a little homesick. Kids need to know that they can still have fun even if they miss home. 

Remind your kid that s'mores are a must at camp!

Once you're ready to pack make sure you check what your child's camp wants you to bring as well as anything that is not allowed. At my daughter's camp they want rain gear since we live in a rainy area but they do not allow electronics of any kids. They also don't allow any food. It's good to have what they recommend, but there are a few extra items that you might want to pack. 
  • First and foremost, your child is never fully packed without a camp physical. Physicals ensure your campers are in good health before they head off for a schedule full of physical activity 
  • Sun protection: broad spectrum sunscreen (this protects against UVB and UVA rays), lip balm with SPF, and 100% UV protection sunglasses 
  • A small first aid kit: bandages, antiseptic, poison ivy cream and insect and bite relief cream. 
  • A flashlight and spare set of batteries. 
  • Medications with dosage instructions. Remember to inform camp staff of your child’s specific medical needs. 
  • If you child has allergies, make sure to inform staff and provide the appropriate over-the-counter or prescription medications. 
Hopefully your child will have a wonderful camp experience and everything goes smoothly. Once camp is over MinuteClinic again with any bug bites, poison ivy, or sunburn problems just in case everything didn't go smoothly. 

Are you sending a child to camp this summer? Do you have any tips that will make camp great for kids? 


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