Aug 26, 2015

A New Chapter in Mom's Life

Two weeks ago my principal called me to let me know that our numbers are very low this year and that she has to let go of some of her staff.

Including me.

School was starting in two weeks and I was out of a job. Me and many other teachers and teacher assistants since the funding for our district is different this year.

I went into a tail spin.

I spent 7 years as a stay at home mom or work at home mom and it never bothered me that I didn't have a "real job." I always viewed blogging as a hobby that provided me with some money, not a real job. I've never had the time to commit to blogging full time with three little kids. It was just something I did on the side since I loved it.

And now my twins are heading off to Kindergarten and I am going to be at home.


All day.

What on earth am I going to do with all my time?

For the first time ever I was out of a job. I didn't need to take care of my kids and I wasn't going to be in the classroom either.

I decided to use my fall back plan and get my substitute teacher licence. I know that the teachers at my old school will keep me busy subbing but it didn't seem like enough of a plan. I hated the idea of not knowing my schedule. These are the times my type-a personality rears it's ugly head.

Which is why I took a position as a preK TA at a church preschool yesterday. The hours are great since it's half day three days a week. I can still sub twice a week when a job I want comes up and I can help out in my kids' classrooms. It feels like the perfect solution.

It's a new chapter of my life. One that I'm looking forward to beginning. Especially since I can wear jeans and flip flops at my new job!!


  1. Sounds like an adventure! Hopefully it's an even better job for you!


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