Aug 27, 2015

When My Kids are Together

There's an universal truth about parenting that you learn after having your second child. This truth isn't found in any parenting book that I've seen which is a disservice to parents everywhere.

They are completely different when they are together.

Taking one kid to the grocery store is easy. They walk with you, ask for things politely, and you can leave with your sanity in tact. Taking 2+ kids to the grocery store counts as a cardio workout and you better hit the wine aisle before you leave so you can get your sanity back.

Taking one kid to a public bathroom is a walk in the park, no need for zone defense you got that kid covered one on one. Take 2+ kids and one will try to lick the floor while you're busy convincing your son that the automatic flushing toilet won't grab his butt and pull him in.

Kids are totally different when they're alone. The feed off each other's energy and go wild. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go and apologize to my parents for once acting like my kids do.


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