Sep 16, 2015

A Football Family

In our house football is more than a sport, it's what we watch on Sunday, and Monday, and Thursday, and sometimes Friday. My husband and I both draw the line at college football even though yes we do attend our neighbor's high school football games.

Baby's First Pro Football Game

Opening day in our house is a huge Sunday. Now that we live on the East Coast church no longer interferes with our football plans. I'm not going to lie, it's kinda nice. Right until the night game rolls around which ends way, way past my bedtime.

Every year we have a party to celebrate the beginning of a new football season. This year it was a neighborhood thing which was great. Everyone just came and went on their own and for once I didn't feel pressured to entertain the women who don't like football, they just went home when they got bored.

Now Brett's team is the Buccaneers and they suck so we don't ever watch them. This native Houstonian roots for the Texans and loudly. Here's my daughter explaining the rules to watching football.

 I just love that video! She looked so confused as to what could possibly be the third rule.

My kids don't watch the whole game. They usually lose interest by half time and go play in their rooms. So if you ask them the best part of football is the food.

This year we had the usual queso, salsa, wings, and pizza. But we had these adorable chocolate covered strawberries from Shari's Berries. This was my son's face when he was asked to share a bite of his strawberry. Yeah he didn't share, this kid never shares food.

My husband who also doesn't like to share chocolate loved them as well. Everyone loved them, they were the hit of the party. After all, who wouldn't like a chocolate covered strawberry that looks like a football? 


  1. Oo. I am not a fan of football, but I'd love those berries!

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