Sep 23, 2015

Benefits of Living in a Small House

I love the look on someone's face when they learn we live in a small house. Not one of those tiny houses you see on Pinterest that don't offer any personal space, this introvert would die. Just a tiny house in today's standards. A fact that is very obvious to me when I see a friend post that they are selling their 3,500 square foot house since their family of 4 has outgrown it. True story, and I almost peed myself laughing over the absurdity over that post.

My family of 5 live in a 1,100 square foot house.

Yes it's a small house. Yes we love our home. No we don't want something bigger, well most days at least.

You see there are some wonderful aspects of living in a small house.

My home is extremely organized. Now a large part of why my home is organized is that I have a seriously OCD husband who has a compulsive need to have things clean. But when you live in a small house you have to stay organized or you'll drown in clutter. With limited closets and no garage (seriously I don't know what NC has against garages) we have to purge the house often.

Yes when you live in a small space you're forced to get rid of stuff. New toys are coming with the birthday season and Christmas? Time to donate the stuff the kids no longer play with to make more room. You won't find clothes in my kids closets that are two sizes too small. We don't have that kind of space to waste. Of course this is what my house looks like during the changing of the season when I have to bring down clothes from the attic and switch everything out.

Actually this picture is pretty tame, it gets much worse. 

We are creative at creating spaces. One weird thing about my house is that we have a large living room and a tiny kitchen. You would think all the rooms would be small in a small house but our living room is very large, almost twice the size of our living room in our Vegas house which was larger.

We needed extra storage and reading space in the kitchen. So we turned the kitchen table and put it up against the wall to create enough space for a bookcase. Which we turned on it's side and topped with a patio couch cushion for a reading spot. Originally I thought this would be my special reading space, but there's always a kid on it.

We can clean the house in under an hour. Two summers ago I decided my kids' free ride at home was over. I spent the summer training them to do chores around the house like vacuuming and cleaning their bathrooms.


Now with the help of my 3 kids I can get the entire house cleaned in 1 hour. It takes 45 minutes if Brett's home. This is the best perk to living in a small house.

My kids play outside more. My kids are outside all the time. Since they can't spread out too much inside they go outside more. Plus I have a tendency to send them outside when they're bickering so I don't have to hear it. Being outside usually ends whatever argument they're having.

Yeah, they look like this often. 

Lower bills. Of course the cost of a smaller house is less but our monthly bills are lower too. It doesn't take much to heat or cool a one story 1,100 square foot house. Just don't look at my December power bill. My husband's Christmas lights display delivers the biggest power bill of the year to my door every January.

We do more as a family now. In Las Vegas we had more space and didn't feel the need to get the kids out of the house all the time. Now when the weekend hits we are looking for something to do to get us out of the house. I like that we are making more memories as a family.

Do you live in a small or large house? What do you think the perks are to your house size?


  1. I love that little reading spot!

    When we moved 2 years ago, we went from 3500 sq ft to 2200. So, not as small as you, but it was a pretty big change. And I loved it! Much lower bills, less wasted space, it really does cut the clutter down (though we have a 2 car garage that is basically full of about 80% of things we don't need).

    My husband is talking about moving and getting a bigger place again, but I'm happy here.

    1. That is a big change. If we had a garage this house would be perfect. I know we'll need a bigger house one day but for now I'm loving our little house. Sadly I'm almost never in that reading spot unless I'm home alone.


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