Sep 17, 2015

The ABC's of Me - Old School Blogging

I'm linking up today with Old School Blogging. Sometimes it's just fun to get back to my old way of blogging. Here are the ABC's of me.

A- Age: 36
B- Biggest Fear: Losing my husband. I have very vivid dreams about this and it always takes me a few days to shake the fear. 

C- Current Time: 3:09 on Thursday
D- Drink you last had: Diet Dr. Pepper
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: My Dad
F- Favorite Song: Currently it's "Brother." It puts me in a great mood and my kids rock out to it too. 
G- Grossest Memory: I woke up to the alarm clock and rolled over to kick my husband out of bed because I'm a loving wife like that. And then I felt it. Something was crawling on my cheek, right to my mouth. It was a cockroach! A nasty, disgusting, prickly legged cockroach.  On my face! My face!
 I'm still traumatized by the incident. It took me about a week to sleep again. Even after the bug guy came out and bombed the house (a total normal response BTW) I was still freaked out. 
H- Hometown: Houston, TX - Born and raised. Although I lived in Vegas the longest at 19.5 years.  
I- In love with: Brett, wine, cheese, and books. I'm still the nerd who loves a trip to the library more than the mall. 
J- Jealous Of: The woman who has the job I was supposed to have this year. She doesn't even want it which makes it even harder. 
K- Killed Someone? Only in mind in Body Combat. It's very satisfying mentally kicking the crap out of someone during body combat. I've never even so much as slapped someone in real life. 
L- Longest Relationship: sarcasm - we've been together far longer than my husband and I. 

M- Middle Name: Michelle. I've always liked my name, but hate that all three of my names have to spelled since there are different spellings. 
N- Number of Siblings: Two.  I'm in the middle, I have a sister four years older than me and a brother 5 years younger. Pretty sure my parents are crazy! 
O- One Wish: A nanny. I don't care that my kids are in school full time, I still would like some help occasionally. Especially in the mornings when everyone has to be out the door by 7:45 including a fully dressed, ready to teach mommy. My husband leaves the house at 5am so I'm on my own. 
P- Person who you last called: My brother. Now that we live across the country from each other we actually talk on the phone. I don't like to talk on the phone, text me please.  
Q- Question you’re always asked: "Are they twins?" Yes they're twins. Why else would I have two 5 years olds? Or two Kindergartners? Or two kids that look the same age and who call me mom so you know they're both mine.

R- Reason to smile:  Tomorrow is date night. We aren't going anywhere we do date night at home. It works for us. I have 20 ideas on date nights at home if you're interested. 

S- Song you last sang: “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere" Hey I teach preschool, I'm occasionally cooler than that. 
T- Time you woke up: 6:30 - It's the first time I had to be up this early since June and also the first time Molly slept past 6:30. Figures. 
U- Underwear Color: pink and lacy - and yeas I had to check. See when I woke up for why. 
V- Vacation Destination: Italy. I'd like to drink and eat my way through the country. 
W- Worst Habit: Tuning people out. I can look right at you and not hear a word. I have to take notes in church just to stay focused otherwise I will zone out and not come back until we are singing or the congregation laughs. 
X- X-rays you’ve had: teeth and foot. 
Y- Your favorite food: Cheeseburgers and sushi. I realize that together they sound weird but when I'm stressed I want a cheeseburger and sushi is my favorite meal to eat out.  
Z- Zodiac Sign: Capricorn. Although I think it's all hogwash. 


  1. "Hogwash" is such a great word! HA! I need to check out your date nights at home list. So glad you linked up with OSB! :D

    1. Thanks! I love it when I have the opportunity to use it.

  2. I love the point you made about twins. Asking someone if they have twins while looking at their children always makes a person look dumb. I would be tempted to say, "No, they are four months apart - I had whirlwind pregnancies!" and walk away.

    1. I love it! I once told someone I just wanted a boy so badly I stole one from the hospital. That's when I learned that I shouldn't go grocery shopping on very little sleep, I'm too snarky.


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