Oct 14, 2015

Preschoolers Say the Funniest Things

I love preschoolers. I'm a little sad that my kids are past the preschool age but it's OK since I'm teaching preschool now. I get to be around preschoolers and hear some of the funny things they say.

1. "Yuck, that spider did not taste good!"
Gee you think?

2. "My penis needs to pee!"
Points to mom and dad for the anatomy lesson. And thanks for the belly laugh.

3. "My feet are alive!!!" This was said during nap time with no context at all. Just a random shouting out my feet are alive moment.

4. "I can't put my bubble back in the jar!"
The little girl said this as she cried over not being able to blow a bubble, catch it, and then put it back into the bottle. She threw herself on the ground sobbing and it took several hugs and most of my restraint not to laugh at the poor child as she calmed down.

5. "My parents drink Jesus water."
My kid told her preschool teacher that. She was still dying laughing over it when I picked her up.

6. "I can't find my mom, I can't find my mom."
No you can't find your mom with your hands over your eyes. Please stop uncontrollably crying and take your hands off your face.

What funny things have your kids said lately?


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