Nov 17, 2015

Why You Should Do Laundry on a Family Trip

Last weekend we went to Myrtle Beach to celebrate my twin's birthday. I'll just pause and take a moment to wonder where the time went that my babies are turning six. Our weekend at the beach was fabulous and no one wanted to go home. Always the sign of a perfect trip.

I have a few quirks about trips and one is that if I can, I like to wash all our clothes before we pack up and go home. There is nothing worse than getting home and having multiple suitcase of dirty laundry. Especially after a beach trip since you bought half the sand on the beach home with you.

Which is why I like to stay in timeshares or condo style resorts so I can do laundry. And so I can cook most of the meals and save money.

So why should you do laundry while you're there? After all you're on vacation and chores can wait until you get home right?


You're not on vacation, you're on a family trip. Yes family trips are awesome and I love them!

But they are NOT vacations.

I don't mind throwing in a few loads of laundry while we are on our trip if it means I get home with clean clothes. By the time we get home from a trip I am exhausted. Driving home does me in every time. The last thing I want to do once we get home is having multiple loads of laundry to wash.

All this for ONE weekend!

Last night when we got home we were completely unpacked, car cleaned up, and all the food we brought with us put away in less than an hour. It was nice going to bed with everything organized and ready to start the week.

Starting the week without extra work to do is totally worth the effort to do laundry on a family trip.


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