Dec 29, 2015

Make A Resolution to Date Your Spouse More this Year

Do you make New Year Resolutions? I make them, but not the kind that most people make. I don't resolve to eat healthier or get more exercise, instead I strive to be more patient or use my time more wisely. But this year I'm making a resolution to date my husband more.

Brett and I used to be great at a weekly date night. With three kids and one income we couldn't afford to go out every week so we did date night at home. Dating at home was easy for us, we took turns planning our dates and we looked forward to them.

But after a few years we both got lazy. We stopped planning them and started winging it. Then we stopped using all our creative date night at home ideas and it was Netflicks and takeout every week. Sadly this went on for months before I even noticed that we stopped trying.

But no more friends!

I'm determined that we stop being lazy and start planning our dates again.

While it's great that people vow to quit smoking, exercise more, or eat healthier, I am going to invest in the health of my marriage.

Anyone else going to invest in their marriage this year?


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