Feb 18, 2016

How Taking Trips Change After Kids

I remember when Brett and I took impromptu trips before we had kids. We cold be out of the house in less than an hour. Now that we have three kids it takes several lists and hours of preparation to go on the trip. Mostly because we stay places where we can cook so the packing has really gone up a notch. Here are how things are different now that we have kids.

How to Pack Before Kids
Clothes, Toiletries, and Shoes. You are finished.

After Kids
Make lists of what clothes you'll need everyday. Pack back ups in case of accidents and excessive spills. Research if there is any possible reason you need a bathing suit even though it's January, bring it anyway. Pack first aid kit, medicine, hair bows, toiletries, loveys, baby blankets even though your kids are in school, snacks and more snacks, toys, DVDs, tablets, books, a cooler, and enough drinks to ensure at least 4 bathroom breaks.

Road Trip Snacks Before Kids
Grab some food at the gas station. You're not all that worried, you can stop if you're hungry.

After Kids
Strategically plan out sugary snacks versus healthy snacks. You know you can't feed them pure junk or you'll pay later but the junk is what actually bribes them to get through 20 more minutes. Decide that Fruit Loops aren't that bad and chocolate covered raisins are basically fruit and call it a day. Bring enough food to last a 12 hour trip when you'll only be in the car for 4 hours. You can never be too careful.

Getting the Car Ready Before Kids
Gas. Check tires. Load up and leave.

After kids
Hook up the portable DVD player. Make sure the DVDs are close enough to the passenger seat to change them out on the drive. Fold down one seat to fit all the crap you need for a single weekend. Marvel at how much crap you need for a single weekend. Arrange car seats to ensure everyone can see the movie but they're not on top of each other now that the seat is folded down. Arrange the snacks so the passenger can hand them back to the kids but the kids cannot reach them. Give up on making everything fit comfortably and focus on making everything fit.

Bathroom Breaks Before Kids
Oh look we are getting gas or some food, now is a good time to pee. -Adult Logic

After kids
Oh look we are in gridlock or the middle of nowhere and 15 minutes ago when we passes a gas station and mom asked if I needed to pee wasn't quite the right time. Must pee now mommy! -Kid Logic

The Trip Before Kids
Listen to music and talk to your spouse. Ahhh isn't this lovely?

After Kids
Oh my word why are these kids so loud? I have Inside Out on, why are they fighting? Here have some fruit snacks, candy, anything just please stop bickering! Ne we aren't there yet. No, still not there. Why are they crying????

Sleeping kids are rare, don't count on it. 

Hotel Arrival Before Kids
You arrive excited and ready to hit the ground running. Ooo look, they have happy hour, don't mind if we do!

After Kids
You've been to hell and back but you made. Thank goodness you packed a bottle of wine, you're going to need it soon and there's no way you're making it to happy hour. But first you have to check in and unpack about 100 bags so that wine will have to wait.

Now if you'll excuse me I have one more load of laundry to do before we leave for our trip.


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