Apr 28, 2016

Perks of Having Kids in the Kitchen

We joke in my family that our son's whole life revolves around food. It's not very far off from the truth though. He's always hungry and he eats just about anything. Except American cheese, the kid won't touch it with a 10' foot pole. #foodsnob

It's no surprise to me that he loves to help me in the kitchen. I call him my little sous chef. At six he has some serious knife skills and he knows how to make basic things. I'm pretty impressed with his ability to make perfectly seasoned green beans even though we've deemed him not old enough to put the pan into the oven yet.

It's also no surprise that my son would rather watch cooking shows that cartoons. Who needs Paw Patrol when you have The Pioneer Woman? Last year he got to meet his cooking idol and he still talks about it.

So tonight when he asked if he could make macaroni and cheese for dinner I should have listened a little better. Yeah, yeah, just a minute ok buddy was my response.

I found him in the kitchen a few minutes later boiling water for the macaroni and cheese. I wish this surprised me. But as tired as I am tonight, I just let it go and decided the kids could have mac and cheese for dinner.

The best part was that all I had to do was drain the water. It's too heavy for him and call me crazy but allowing my child to burn himself isn't something I want to happen. Mark did everything else, including measuring the milk and heating up the corn. His sisters were happy with dinner too, especially Isabella who really didn't want pulled pork tonight!

I could get used to having a kid that cooks dinner.


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