Jun 22, 2016

Loving the Lazy Days of Summer

By June this teacher and mommy is done. Just done. It doesn't help that dance amps up right at the end of the year with recital season and all three of my kids are in dance. By summer I just want to sleep in and relax.

Sadly for me I still have kids so I'm not exactly sleeping in, but I am sleeping later so that's a plus.  And we are doing lots of relaxing so far.

There have been many lazy days at the pool. Some with friends like this one and others with just us. I'm attempting to swim laps during adult swim to squeeze in some exercise.

The kids are still making their own lunches. Their choices are a little unusual but as long as I don't have to make it and they eat it, I'm ok with their choices.

This week the kids started VBS. Not exactly relaxing since so far I've one for my annual exam and gotten new tires. But at least I didn't have to drag the kids with me to these things. I can't imagine getting my annual with my kids there. Just no.

And in big news for the boy, his mohawk is really getting long. He gets compliments everywhere we go which makes him blush. I love it.

Keep bringing those long, lazy days of summer! Next week the kids go to sleep away camp and my husband and I are taking a vacation alone.

I can't wait!
Happy Summer Everyone.


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