Aug 2, 2016

Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Course in Raleigh

My husband and I want to have a family that plays together. Our goal is to have fun with our kids and spend as much time together as a family as possible. Not an easy task with three kids and both of us working full time. But it's important to us so it happens. Last weekend I got the opportunity to try the new junior course with my daughter at Go Ape in Raleigh in exchange for this review. I am very happy we went, Molly and I had a great time.

Go Ape is a tree top adventure course. It's more than just zip lining, you navigate between courses up in the trees. They recently added a junior course for children under the age of 10. The junior course starts out easy and then gets more challenging as you go through it. I cannot tell you how happy I am that we started low to the ground so Molly could get used to the equipment before she was up high. It was a great confidence builder for my daughter.

It might be the junior course, but you are still pretty high off the ground. 

My favorite part of our adventure was watching my daughter overcome her fear. She was afraid in the beginning, the height combined with the swinging steps was too much for her. With the help of both employees running the course, the three of us were able to encourage her to take the first step. And then another until she made it across the first path.

All of us cheered her first victory and then she stopped being afraid and just went for it. It made me so proud as a mom to see her step out of her comfort zone and do something that scared her. Plus my oldest who is terrified of heights wants to come back and "face her fears just like Molly." I'm planning on taking her as soon as the heat goes away, I want to capitalize on this bravery before it disappears.

By the end there was no fear! 

I was very impressed with the staff at Go Ape. I can tell that they are trained in encouraging the children to complete the course. They were so kind and patient with Molly when she got scared. They told how to position her arms and feet so she was steadier on the course. It was very helpful and appreciated. I can tell she is not the first kid to get scared on the course.

Molly said her favorite part was the rope obstacle that we crawled through and the zip line at the end. She though it felt like flying.

I highly recommend taking your family to Go Ape. We had so much fun together and watching my daughter step out of her comfort zone was fantastic. A couple of things I will do differently next time. First I didn't wear my hair in a ponytail and I had to do it there. So my hair could have looked better in the picture if I had remembered to do it at home. Just a vanity thing on my end. Wearing long shorts was definitely a good idea with the harness but I should have worn a lighter weight shirt. It was a hot day and my thick cotton shirt didn't breath at all. Lastly I want to try the adult course. My husband wants us to return in the fall for a day date.

Visit Go Ape's website for more information on their tree top course.


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